Monitoring and Management of Medication

Patients diagnosed with psychiatric disorders require medication combined with therapy for successful treatment.

 After you have your prescribed medication from a psychiatrist or medical practitioner, medication management is a critical part of the equation, especially since not all medicine is tolerated or received by patients in the same way.


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That is why I am interested in monitoring medications, side effects, and interacting with other medicines. As an expert psychiatrist, I take the time to provide professional medication management and assessment. I understand how scary taking medication for the first time can be, especially if you have experienced harmful side effects.

There are a lot of uncertainties; however, I can help you feel comfortable and at ease with your personalized treatment plan. I believe that mental health is key to ensuring your overall physical well-being. Therefore, I work together with you to ensure your stress levels do not result in feelings of anxiety and hopelessness. This goes a long way in ensuring that major physical and psychological illnesses are mitigated.

In addition, I also take time to focus on associated behaviors since they can become destructive and addictive. That is why I recommend regular checkups and physicals from a professional care physician, as well as mental health checkups.

What to Expect

During our first appointment, I will perform an assessment that includes an overview of the symptoms present and your medical history. This will give me a better understanding of whether the medication is a viable treatment solution for your particular mental health disorder.

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I work closely with medical doctors so that my assessment helps in making a diagnosis and developing a treatment plan that’s customized to meet your needs. However, I believe that the decision lies solely with you. Therefore, after you decide to proceed with this option, I will engage you in discussing various medications, side effects, and appropriate dosage.

The medication will be prescribed for a specific period to help in monitoring its effectiveness. This is basically where medication management meets psychiatry. If the medicine meets your goals, I will work with you as you proceed with the medication.

Contact me if you are experiencing mental health issues and want to discuss viable medical options.

Dr. Suparna Basu, MD
Dr. Suparna Basu, MD